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Introduction of Orenda

Orenda - A membership-based Health and Happiness System Operator

Orenda is a membership-based health and happiness system operator which runs towns with a series of international characteristics. Orenda is dedicated to creation of an international cluster of realizing the dream of health and happiness for members.


Orenda's sustainable and joint operation through multiple groups

Orenda Village

Orenda integrates the three great groups, such as subordinateHappiness Operation Group, Joy Town ConstructionGroup and Synergy Investment Management Group tocombine operation, development and investment to build awhole chain management system to ensure the long-termand sustainable running of the characteristic towns in themodel of characteristic industry + happiness operation.


100 Characteristic Towns Build a Global Layout

Orenda Map1

In future 10 years, Orenda will run 100 characteristic towns in the worldcovering Europe, Australia, North America, Asia, etc. through such modes asself-development, copy and output.


Layout of characteristic towns nationwide

Orenda Map2

Domestically, Orenda plans to intensify the development of Bohai Economic Circle, YangtzeRiver Delta Economic Circle and Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao Bay Area, promotethe development of Central Plains Economic Zone and finally introduce the strategiclayout of characteristic towns nationwide

After a decade of operation, Orenda has developed several characteristic towns, suchas Jackson Hole, Lake Town, Haituo Valley, Wuyun Mountain in the country, and isdeveloping characteristic towns in Zhangshanying (Beijing), Yangmuzhazi, GoutangTown (Xinmi City, Zhengzhou), Chongming Island of Shanghai, and Luofu Moutain(Huzhou, Guangdong) and so on.

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