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Legend of “Orenda”

It is said that once two tribes – Oren tribe and Dasu tribe lived in the north in the ancient times. Oren tribe lived for nomadism, advocated at force, and was skilled at fighting.

Men of the tribe were conquering and looting outside for years. The tribe was the strongest on the prairie then. It is said that the leader Oren was brave and as strong as Hercules when he was young. He was the bravest and most powerful warrior in the tribe, and the merited leader of the tribe.
Contrarily, Dasu tribe lived in remote mountains. The leader “Da” was an intelligent girl, who was clever and sensible since she was young, and familiar with law of growth of all things in nature. She taught tribe members to tie knots, wove garment and cultivate crops. Tribe members went to work at sunrise and went home at sunset. They lived an abundant and peaceful life. In the tribe of Da, every corner under sunshine is full of harmony and friendliness. Oren led the tribe to conquer for years, which resulted in sharp decrease of able-adult. One day, Oren was seriously injured and chased and assaulted by hundreds of enemies. He hid in the remote forest, and suddenly dizzied and fell from the horse…

Orenda Tribe2

Oren was lying in a strange tent when he woke up. It was Da who went outside to gather herbs saved him. Oren was deeply attracted to intelligent and kind-hearted Da, and Da also fell in love with irrepressible and brave Oren. Da gave birth to a baby before long. To be in memory of the baby born by the leaders of the two tribes, the future leader was named after Orenda, and the name of the tribe was also changed into Orenda. Later Orenda succeeded to be the leader. The Orenda inherited courage of Oren and intelligence of Da. Orenda ordered not to conquer but to rehabilitate. He popularized farming and initiated the meaning of filial piety and fraternal duty internally. Since then, Orenda became more prosperous. Members were rich but simple and honest, and harmonious with each other. Besides, Orenda was philanthropic to people. Orenda became a happy Utopia on the prairie. The tribe culture also attracted a large number of outsiders who pursued happiness on the prairie to join. Orenda was stronger and stronger…


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