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Founder of Orenda

Xiangyang Liu (Xiangshui)

He is the founder of Orenda and Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum, the initiator of Philanthropism Fund, the Chairman of the Board of Joy International Group, the Vice President of Chinese Yanhuang Culture & Research Association, the ambassador to spread Chinese Tai Chi culture, and the cultural practitioner, disseminator and operator of physical and psychological health.

Once being a lawyer and a teacher, Xiangyang Liu (Xiangshui) finally selected self-employment. Devoted to studying of oriental philosophy and western psychology for more than a decade, Xiangshui has originally created the “Xiangshui Eudemonics” system suitable for the Chinese, and offered public courses nationwide to spread happiness. For many years, Xiangshui has a dream of building a business model to serve happy life of people. Therefore, Orenda brand bearing the dream of Xiangshui was born. As an entrepreneur as, well as a health and happiness researcher and practitioner, Xiangshui no longer fully chases economic benefit of corporation. Instead, to realize the dream of “Orenda” which seems Utopian is the ultimate life goal that Xiangshui has been pursuing and practicing.

Xiangyang Liu
Xiangyang Liu (Xiangshui)

As Xiangshui said, “I have been already past fifty. The accumulation of wealth is not so important for me. Being able to create happiness value for the society, and helping more people to be healthy and happy is the greatest dream in rest of my life. Orenda just bears my dream.” “I become a practitioner of psychosomatic medicine throughout my life journey, suitable for the Chinese. I wish more people may learn about psychosomatic medicine, practice it, and become the most reliable doctor of themselves”, said Xiangshui. He introduced the Haven Institute of Canada which is famous worldwide, found “Chinese Haven” in China; he also held the Sorehsa AG Corporation and introduced MTT and AIRS into China. Xiangshui founded the first Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum at Orenda to bring top psychosomatic health service systems together to open a door to the future for all human beings to enjoy health and happiness.

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