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MTT Benefits

Medical Training Therapy (MTT) is a systematic and aimed physical training under therapeutical guidance and supervision to treat and prevent complaints, diseases, pain and disorders. Furthermore, MTT training has a positive influence on the general state and stress level.

Benefits and Advantages

In contrast to the training in a Fitness center, where people mainly train to get a nicer body shape, MTT training is focused on health related aspects: MTT training is of vital importance for health prevention and controlling risk factors. MTT Exercise in the right intensity and duration has the effect of taking medicine and releases various positive effects on the body system:

MTT training improves basic motor capabilities strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility.
MTT training has various preventive effects on the cardiovascular system.

  • Prevention and treatment of Coronar Heart Disease
  • Reduction blood fat values (LDL cholesterol)
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis
  • Reduction of heart infarction risk - Reduction of stroke risk

Stress resistance and -tolerance: MTT Training positively influences stress reactions

Back pain: Physical activity and training is helpful against chronic  lumbar and cervical back pain

Osteoporosis: Various research studies proved positive effects of MTT Training on bone mineral density and fall risk

Arthrosis: MTT Training has positive effects on pain and function with arteriosclerosis patients

Prevention and treatment of Diabetes II:  MTT Training improves Insulin regulation und reduces the Insulin demand

Mental capability:  Physical activity and training has a positive influence on the cognitive capability and prevents diseases as dementia and Alzheimer´s disease

Mental state and mood:  Messenger from muscular metabolism influence certain brain areas - Training improves mental state

Depression: MTT Training is – besides medication and Psychotherapy – an autonomous, independent pillar in the treatment of depression 

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