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AIRS is happy to be the partner of the German “thesportsgroup”. In 2006 Robert Erbeldinger published the first edition of the German Sportärztezeitung. This unique magazine is written by experts in sports medicine. All Authors are practicing directly with top athletes and share their knowledge. The practical and integrated aspect is the focus of the content for the magazine.      

Now, 2018 the Chinese edition is published in China under the name “”. Launched in April 2018 during the AIRS Conference, the Chinese edition continues now to appear quarterly. 
The Articles in the magazine are extensive and wide-ranging in their focus: from conservative therapy methods and sports cardiology right through to sports nutrition and sports psychology. We will integrate all factors and topics to treat and train Athletes for better performance. Sport medicine and Sport rehabilitation is a interdisciplinary collaboration. The network of authors is sustained by the dedication and enthusiasm of all types of experts: surgeons and orthopedic specialists, doctors for physical medicine and rehabilitation, cardiologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, specialists in athletic training, rehabilitation and prevention, nutrition Experts, mental coach for athletes.

We started with experts from the West for the Chinese version sports.doctors. In the future AIRS will cooperate with thesportsgroup closer. That’s mean, we will design a German-Chinese magazine. We include Chinese experts also as authors for the Western edition and in the Chinese edition as well. Our goal is to create a practical “Knowledge Network for Experts” who are working with athletes in sports medicine. According the long tradition of sports medicine in Germany and the Chinese sport promotion plan for the next years, the cooperation between thesportsgroup and AIRS is becoming more and morefruitful for the future.

Next sissue is published on July 15th, 2018

Third issue is planned for October 15th 2018

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The magazine is typically distributed at hotel lobbies, sports events, conventions and conferences, sports clubs, and can be ordered directly from the publisher.

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