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Information and Networking Tour Germany and Switzerland in September

China Association of Health Promotion and Education (CAHPE) has founded the SRIB: "Sport and Rehabilitation Industry Branch" which serves as a leading association for the promotion and development of a major sports initiative in China.

Both associations have sent relevant stakeholders and influencers for their respective sectors coming as speakers and delegates for the 1st AIRS Meeting in April. The success was amazing. See:   and

AIRS supports SRIB in organizing an expert travel to Germany and Switzerland, visiting renowned institutions and clinics in order to build up strategic partnerships between the West and Chinese cooperation partners in clinic management, clinic and rehabilitation development, knowledge and experts exchange. AIRS has composed by activating its experts network a program consistent with the focus of SRIB activities.  SRIB will become a key association for future solutions in rehabilitation and sports integration for China.

In consent with SRIB we publish the visited institutions here. In case there is interest you should know that the number of participants is limited and that SRIB members pay a preferential rate. For more and detailed information contact Zheng Jun, from Beijing Haitang Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd., Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile phone: +86 158 0134 5126.

Clinics, Events and Institutes visited during 9th to 16th of September

For details of each facility please check the relevant websites below.

Klinik Jägerwinkel Bad Wiessee

Experts workshop, Visit tour through clinic

The Klinik Jägerwinkel is a high levelled and exclusive rehabilitation facility which is visited by many VIP and private patients. Specialization is: Internal medicine, cardiology, spinal clinic and orthopedics

jgerwinkel websrib
EN website:


Medicalpark Bad Wiessee

Visit, just get impression.

St Hubertus Bad Wiessee websrib

EN website:

CN website:


Kantonsspital Baden

Conference day: AIRS Swiss-Chinese Business Talks (presentations, workshops and cooperation networking)

Visit of the clinic

More than 2000 employess within seven medical departments take care of a region with 300.000 inhabitants. Within eight interdisciplinary centers provide including rehabilitation various specialists are cooperating very closely.


DE website (no EN, no CN):


Gesundheitsrondell Brackenheim

Cooperation Workshop on physiotherapy professional education

Visit of MTT Center

The Gesundheitsrondell runs six large MTT, sports training and company services centers all over the South of Germany and is regarded as the most experted network on MTT and physiotherapy.

It is owned and managed by Volker Sutor, also GM of Orehsa, Beijing.

rondell websrib

DE website:


Unirehab Cologne

Kids First Standardization Workshop

Visit of Institute

The children clinic of Unirheab is headed by Prof. Schönau (speaker on AIRS conference in April 2018) and has developed the world famous rehabilitation standard for kids with rare neurologic diseases and neurologic impairments. With great success this standad was implemented to the services of the Shenyang Children´s Hospital and certified in 2018.

unirehab websrib

DE website only:


IFD / Mediaparkklinik Cologne

Visit of Athletes and Sports Training Center

Workshop on sports performance assessment methodologies and functional diagnostics

The IFD Cologne is one of the leading athletes centers in Germany and has ultramodern functional equipment for functional diagnostics. Selected participants have the opportunity to be tested themselves.

IFD websrib

DE website only:

Seniorenresidenz Wasserstadt Berlin

Modern senior care city in Berlin, senior care services

Visit tour and networking

DE website only:


Medical Park Humboldtmühle Berlin

Rehabilitation Clinic for orthopedics and cardiology

Visit tour and networking

Visit and cooperation networking Orthopedic Department

Humboldtmuehle websrib

EN website: EN website:

CN website:


IGES Institute Berlin

Organized workshop with several renowned experts

Business networking

Future of medicine, telemedicine, rehabilitation robotics

IGES is a fore front thinker in health developments. The CEO Prof. Häussler was speaker at the AIRS conference in April 2018.

iges websrib

EN website:

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