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Health/happiness – dream settlements

Gardening Settlement, Drama Settlement, Wine Settlement, Football Settlement, Folk Dance Settlement, Oil Painting Settlement, Golf Settlement, Flying Settlement, Chorus Settlement, Scouts Settlement, Riding Scouts Settlement, Outdoor Settlement, Downslope Skiing Settlement…

More than one hundred dream settlements adhere to three mainlines of “organic healthy, art enjoying, belief and love” and five-common idea of “common discourse, common interest, common creation, common sharing and common presence” to provide a platform to realize the dream of health and happiness for members of Orenda.

Orenda Town dream settlement

Meanwhile, through the common creation of dream in member circle, the settlement culture and spirit are transformed into common creation products of characteristic towns. The life style and value proposed by Orenda are delivered by means of products created by each settlement. The common creation products created by and culture of Orenda are built to be the core of culture industry of the towns and bring sustainable cultural creativity for the towns, by which the towns will achieve a local, characteristic and lasting operation.


Orenda gardening settlement

Gardening Settle 

Orenda gardening settlement, established in 2009, is led by "Confusion Teacher". These flower-fans immerse themselves in various plants and the land, and find an inexhaustible source of happiness in the garden. In Orenda , each year, members of Orenda who participate in Gardening Settlement hold their own festival activities such as Selection of the Most Beautiful Garden and Potato Festival Harvest. Meanwhile, they also conduct other activities such as Flower-fans Classroom and Gardening Exhibition. Such activities not only show member’s rich spiritual life but also explain the health and happiness life in Orenda from various perspectives in terms of nature, humanities and arts.


Orenda oil painting settlement

Gardening Oil painting 

Orenda oil painting settlement, established in 2014, is led by Gao Zi. The members are a group of "rural oil painters". They express various sensations and emotions in their inner world by means of colors and perspectives. Each of the oil paintings has full manifestation in the author's aesthetic style and interpretation of life. Three years since its establishment, ORENDA OIL PAINTING SETTLEMENT has hosted tens of oil painting exhibitions, at which more than 1,000 works of oil painting, by which more and more members are drawn into artistic Orenda lifes.


Orenda football settlement

Football settle 

Orenda football settlement, established in 2014, is composed of the members and owners of Orenda, the captain is Wu Gang. Besides, Jin Zhiyang (former coach of Chinese National Football Team, former chief coach of Beijing Guoan Football Team, and professor of Beijing Institute of Technology) has been invited to serve as the chief coach. Since its establishment, ORENDA FOOTBALL SETTLEMENT has participated in many competitions, for example, "Wisdom Cup" Football Inviting Tournament, "Southeast Coast Cup Triangle Football Inviting Tournament", and held successfully the "Orenda Cup" Football Game in which more than ten football teams were invited to participate.In 2017, "Mental and Physical Health Cup" Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Five-Person U10 Football Inviting Tournament was under the auspices of ORENDA FOOTBALL SETTLEMENT to provide assistance on the development of youth football. These elderly boys, in their pursuit of health and happiness, bring happiness and joy to more people, while striving for passion.


Orenda chorus settlement

Chorus settle 

founded in 2015, is led by Li Tongguo, a famous music conductor, the former male alto of Central Orchestra. The members put their thoughts and feelings into the songs. With their passion and enthusiasm to the art, they have brought many songs to the public, such as Ode to Red Flag, Half of the Moon Climbing Up, Everest, Auspicious Motherland, Beautiful Grassland-My Home, Heaven, Which Side of the Forest, etc. Their dream is "singing to our heart's content in Vienna, and showing our talent on the international arena".



Orenda drama settlement

Drama settle 

Orenda drama settlement,founded in 2010, is led by Xu Songzi (a famous performing artist) as the president. Seven years since its establishment, these members, who have not received any professional training on drama, with their strong love of drama and plain style of performance, have successfully performed more than 10 dramas in the renowned theaters in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and other major cities across the country.

Drama settle

In 2011, they adapted Lev Tolstoy's Resurrection, and performed the drama in the Beijing Poly Theater, ushering in a new epoch for community dramas to be performed in the national-level grand theaters; In 2015, they performed the classical operas Thunderstorm and Sunrise in the Beijing Century Theater; In 2017, they performed operas Thunderstorm, Sunrise, Wilderness, Last Night of Jin Daban, Miss Julie, and A Noble Woman's Returning Home in Beijing, which have paid tribute to the 110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama.


Orenda dance settlement

Dance settle 

Orenda dance settlement, established in 2013, was initiated by Liu Xiaoli. Based on the four years of development, it has emerged as a comprehensive dance group from all walks of life with the largest-size in Orenda. In 2016, the original self-directed musical drama Orenda Image met with the public, and won highly praise among the audience. At the same time, more different forms of performance, such as musical drama and dance drama, have been explored, which add more culture implications into dance, thus showing Orenda's life of health and happiness to more audience.


Orenda ballet settlement

Balett settle 

Orenda ballet settlement, established in 2013, comprises of the villagers who have studied and worked in the former Soviet Union and Russia, or have a profound origin of Russian abundance. It is led by Teacher Li Peng. In the past four years, they have performed a lot of cultural programs having full-bodied amorous feelings of Russia which are composed and directed by themselves, for example, Contemplations in Birch Forest which is romantic; Classical ballet Swan Lake, modern ballet Hawthorn, Dream of Ballet · Night of Birch Forest, etc. They implant their love for Russian culture into Orenda which is brimming with birch forests.


Orenda folk dance settlement

Folk Dance settle 

Orenda folk dance settlement, established in 2013, is led by Cheng Ping. In the past four years, it has performed many excellent dances, conveying their feelings in the dances, and expressing their unyielding pursuit of the nature and the happy life. The members, in addition to actively participating in various activities hosted by Orenda, also go to other cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. They have participated in various renowned competitions and public beneficial performances, such as "Dancing in the Dawn", "Cross-strait Cultural Exchanges", thus creating a favorable environment in which everyone's initiative and creativeness can be brought into full play. They stay committed to their artistic dream, and cherish high aspirations-integrating well into the world from Orenda and showing Orenda's arts on the international arena.


Orenda scouts settlement

Scout settle 

Orenda scouts settlement, established in 2014, is composed of little owners of Orenda at the average age of 5-12. It aims to cultivate children's curiosity and love for the nature, and to help them to build a link with nature. By participating in various activities, the children may foster commendable fortitude and strengthened their abilities in terms of compliance, social exchange, DIY, teamwork, etc. The children are encouraged to strictly abide by the Scout Code, obey the instructions of their leader, and actively participate in various activities and training hosted by ORENDA SCOUTS SETTLEMENT, for example, marching, drilling, camping, picnic, summer camps, farming by litter farmers, and so on. These activities, aiming to integrate education into happiness, have emerged as a tradition of Orenda.


Orenda badminton settlement

Badminton settle 

Orenda badminton settlement, founded in 2014, Since the establishment, it has participated in "Growth Cup", "Health and Happiness Cup", and other badminton competitions, as well as many friendly matches with Beijing University Team, Social Enterprise Team, and News Media Team. In 2017, in the Training Bureau of the State Sports General Administration, and the training hall of the national badminton team, the members shared experience with Lin Dan, the Olympic champion. Adhering to the concept of “sport brings healthy body”, ORENDA BADMINTON SETTLEMENT transmits the culture of health and brings more health and happiness to the members of Orenda.


Freedom club


Gardening Settlement, Oil Painting Settlement, FREEDOM, Club Bar and other dream settlements settled in the Orenda one by one. Many common creation products created by members of settlements and presenting artistic life of members of Orenda are exhibited. They are not only commodities, but also the extension of healthy and happy lifestyle of Orenda.

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