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Health Industry:Standard of Orenda Town

The health industry provided by Orenda is dominated by the Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum of Orenda and takes biology, psychology and society (community) as the source of psychosomatic health, tackles disease problems fundamentally, and creates a healthy and happy life without diseases for members.

Orenda Museum

Based on the service of family doctors, through unique life service system, the Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum of Orenda customizes health scheme for families of members, so as to realize inheritance of health and happiness of families of members; besides, it is supported with community hospitals, green channels of grade three hospitals and joint consultation of global psychosomatic medicine expert team to realize hierarchical medical treatment, so as to solve health problems all-around for members. Based on mental and physical medicine system, integrating western psychology, organic diet, medical training therapy, Chinese medicine and studies of Chinese ancient civilization, etc., a set of unique mental and physical medicine theory and service system has been formed; besides, with the model of “large-special and small-general department”, it integrates domestic and overseas famous diplomats to set up Haituo International Medicine Center – an international service organization integrating 30 special therapies, which is a branch of Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum.

Health Industry

The Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum of Orenda makes a healthy and harmonious life state combining mind and body come true for members, which contributes to inheritance of health and happiness of the family from generation to generation.

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