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Orenda is a membership-based health and happiness system operator which runs towns with a series of international characteristics. Orenda is dedicated to creation of an international cluster of realizing the dream of health and happiness for members.


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  • orendatribe2cath
    Legend of “Orenda”

    It is said that once two tribes – Oren tribe and Dasu tribe lived in the north in the ancient times. Oren tribe lived for nomadism, advocated at force, and was skilled at fighting.

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  • orendatribecath
    Development of Tribe

    The tribe originated from primitive society, when the productivity of human being was lower, and people must build tribe based on blood relationship so that they could survive in dangerous natural environment. Therefore, the appearance of earliest tribe was attributed to the need for survival.

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  • orendadreamcatchercath
    Design Idea of Orenda Logo

    The dreamcatcher originates from the amulet of Sioux Indians of North America.

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  • xiangyangliucath
    Founder of Orenda

    Xiangyang Liu (Xiangshui)

    He is the founder of Orenda and Psychosomatic (Medicine) Museum, the initiator of Philanthropism Fund, the Chairman of the Board of Joy International Group, the Vice President of Chinese Yanhuang Culture & Research Association, the ambassador to spread Chinese Tai Chi culture, and the cultural practitioner, disseminator and operator of physical and psychological health.

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  • orendaintroductioncath
    Introduction of Orenda

    Orenda - A membership-based Health and Happiness System Operator

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