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AIRS Sports Injuries Rehabilitation Forum Agenda

What sports medicine in athletestraining discovers is of great importance for muscular and motoric regeneration in all clinical settings! Sports Medicine has the highest challenge to find quick and sustainable solutions for any rehabilitation problem, since the pressure on the professional athlete is high to return to his training and competition as efficiently as possible.

In case you want to check your eligibility for invitation for this special session please write to Red Zhao:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday,  December 2nd, 2018 – Program


Morning Session   [Room 303 A, 3rd Floor] public admission
8:30 h - 8:45 h Opening remarks AIRS—Soreha—thesportgroup
8:45 h - 9:30 h Ass. Prof. Dr. Mattyasovszky, Head of Spine Surgery in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Univ. Mainz
Leading Edge Treatments in Acute and Chronic Muscular Conditions
9:30 h - 10:00 h Dr. Paul Klein, Specialist Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, IFD Cologne MediaPark Klinik
Prevention Strategies and Assessment for Avoiding Acute Conditions during Athletes Sports Training
10:00 h Coffee / Tea Break
10:30 h - 11:00 h Prof. Christian Schmitz, Full Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy, Ludw.-Max.-Univ. Munich
Treatment of Typical Chronic Conditions in Professional Athlete´s Rehabilitation
11:00 h - 11:30 h  Peter Stiller, Specialist Doctor Sports Medicine and Famliy Medicine, Football Club Augsburg
The Leading Edge Treatments in Fast Track Motoric Rehabilitation
11:30 h - 12:30 h  P. Stiller, Prof. C. Schmitz, Dr. P. Klein, Prof. S. Mattyasovszky, Dr. Volker Sutor (MTT specialist)
Panel Discussion
12:00 h - 13:30 h Lunch Break
Afternoon Sessions [Room 303 A, 3rd Floor] on invitation only]
13:30 h -13:45 h Networking Meeting on Invitation by Soreha—Introduction CEO Toni Mora
13:45 h - 14:30 h Prof. Dr. Li Jianan, President of the 7th Jinling Forum on Rehabilitation
Importance of Sports in Life and Marathon
14:30 h - 15:15 h Open discussion, Q&A with all experts, Networking, Start of Tea Break and Snacks
15:15 h - 16:15 h Dr. Volker Sutor, GM Orehsa, Specialist for Sports Medicine, MTT Center Germany
Successful Medical Training Design after Cross Ligament Rupture
Dr. Volker Sutor, GM Orehsa, Specialist for Sports Medicine, MTT Center Germany
Demonstration plus Hands-on Experience on Selected MTT Devices During
 16:15 h - 16:30 h Robert Erbeldinger, CEO thesportgroup, Germany
The sports.doctors magazine as the New Platform for Networking Athletes Trainer and Sports Doctors
16:30 h - 15:30 h Dinner Catering Services - Dishes and Drinks


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