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Prof. Dr. Li Jianan


Professor and Dean of the College of Rehabilitation Medicine in Nanjing Medical University
Chairman of Medical Rehabilitation Center of its First Affiliated Hospital
president of the Zhongshan Rehabilitation Hospital, China.

Prof. Li Jianan is International associate of the National Academy of Medicine, USA. Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Jiangsu Province Hospital, and Immediate past President of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

He is the scientific president of the AIRS Meetings and member of the Scientific Committee of the AIRS Institute.
Prof Li Jianan is the president of the 7th Jinling Forum on Rehabilitation which takes place in Nanjing now the 7th time, the country´s most important meeting on rehabilitation in China.

He is a well known international expert and liaision person in the global rehabilitation scene. His advice and recommendations are regarded to be the leading voice for China.

Besides this Prof. Li Jianan is actively involved in promoting Marathon and sports in daily life. Also he supports sports groups developments for the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension..


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