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Volker Sutor


Sports Medicine, MTT Center
Gesundheitsrondell-Centers for Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Logopedics and Training
Brackenheim, Germany


Volker has a professional education for a sports teacher, physiotherapist and owns a bachelor of science for physiotherapy. During his career he engaged himself since 20 years as a teacher for Medical Training Therapy, physiotherapy, and medical gymnastics in Germany.

Volker is CEO of the Gesundheitsrondell in Brackenheim, Germany, an ultramodern equipped training center for MTT, physiotherapy and sports therapy.

Looking back to a vast experience with patients and being educated with many additional qualifications for specific therapeutic methodologies, he published a multitude of publications and several standard textbooks for professionals in Medical Training Therapy and sports therapy.

Publications (Selection)

  • Diemer F, Sutor V. Praxis der Medizinischen Trainingstherapie Band 1. Thieme; Stuttgart.2007. ISBN: 3131399821.
  • Diemer F, Sutor V. Praxis der Medizinischen Trainingstherapie Band 2. Thieme; Stuttgart. 2010. ISBN: 3131474610.
  • Diemer F, Lowak H, Sutor V. Leitfaden Physiotherapie in der Orthopädie und Traumatologie. Urban&Fischer Verlag/Elsevier Verlag GmbH, 3. Auflage.2016.

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