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  • qualitymanagement
    Quality Management Systems

    Quality management systems (QMS) in healthcare and rehabilitation are required for facilities and health services that aim at peak results. Patients should be able to rely on the efficiency and reliability of the available quality management.

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  • airsresearch

    Here, research is subsumed under “services.” It is understood as a service for the coaching of design, support of joint East-West research projects and promotion of results that may help advance international rehabilitation standards.

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  • airscertification

    Why become certified?

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  • airsconsulting

    AIRS provides a team of experts and consultants on various topics.

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  • airsfeasibility
    Feasibility Studies

    Success in healthcare innovation requires careful planning. Investors have to base their strategies on feasibility studies and business plans. An untargeted approach rarely delivers on a vision.

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