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Why become certified?

There are many benefits to becoming certified with an AIRS seal:

  • Be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges
  • Keep pace with advances in standardization
  • Optimal quality management
  • Improved work results and medical outcomes
  • Proof of complete patient satisfaction
  • Acknowledgement and recognition from international experts
  • Highly visible achievements
  • Trusted solutions that are viewed and promoted accordingly
  • Standing out from the crowd as a leader

Certification is contingent on a preliminary implementation program and the fulfillment of applicable standardization requirements. An AIRS team performs an assessment subsequent to implementation and then grants the official certification and seal.

AIRS-certified institutions enjoy the benefits of belonging to the international AIRS network on our website and being considered preferred quoted suppliers for events and publications.

AIRS Certification provides authority from a body of internationally acclaimed experts and institutions covering all fields of medical rehabilitation.

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