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Here, research is subsumed under “services.” It is understood as a service for the coaching of design, support of joint East-West research projects and promotion of results that may help advance international rehabilitation standards.

The Sub-Health Zone

The sub-health and pre-sick zones are dynamic sectors of human physiology that feature few standards, a lot of quackery and a wide variety of beliefs that are not necessarily evidence-based and can put people’s wallets at greater risk than any disease can. Value for money is often hard to determine.

Countless assumptions about “eat this, it’s good for you” stand in opposition to a sea of well-established and well-regulated therapy concepts and a global consensus on treatment principles, but these concepts exist only in the world of hospitals and the severely ill. The sub-health zone, by contrast, needs more work – as well as standards on how to keep people healthy and optimize their quality of life. AIRS’s radar is continuously scanning this zone for evidence and relevant communication.

Why Big Data is Not a Solution

Data monitoring can only capture available data, not information or knowledge, even though research on artificial intelligence has been trying to do so for decades. Human beings have about 22 senses (we are not sure of the exact number), each of them unique in its neurophysiological layout. All these receptors connect us with our environment. This is truly “big data,” and it is converted into information, and even knowledge, by our brains.

Research Projects

AIRS is looking for meaningful research projects that it can facilitate. Its conferences bring together key stakeholders from the East and West in specific medical fields and confronts them with challenging questions. The goal is to detect seeds that may help define future research projects and fields of study.


  • Can TCM support MTT? If so, how and by what means?
  • Can self-maintenance of the elderly be enhanced by combining Tai Chi, MTT and meditation?
  • What evidence-based impact does acupuncture combined with vibration therapy have on nerve-cell regeneration?

AIRS mediates between East-West research projects and scientific knowledge. Feel free to suggest a new study.

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