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    Standards, clinical pathways and medical guidelines are different and yet synergizing approaches and provide the basis for a comprehensive quality management system in medicine. They are often used jointly.

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    The Shenyang Children´s Hospital is implementing the KidsFirst Program of Cologne. Prof. Schönau and his team at Cologne University have developed a prize winning and outstanding standard for rehabilitation of children with rare neuro-degenerative diseases. And it works…

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    Standards in Prevention

    Preventive, predictive, participative, personalized: these are the four magic dimensions of future medicine apart from advances in medical technologies and the use of big data.

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    Standards in Rehabilitation

    Standards in rehabilitation have been adopted in a variety of ways due to regulatory provisions and payor interests. Great efforts are being made to achieve fully functional standardization.

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    Standards for Healthy Living / Senior Urbanizations

    In fifteen years half of the population of Germany and other countries will be over sixty, which will have a major societal impact on the healthcare burden and productivity. If not for the opportunities offered by Healthy Senior Urbanizations, the associated problems could lead to critical changes in affected regions.

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    Standards in Psychosomatic and Holistic Medicine

    The inclusion of psychosomatic medicine and holistic therapy approaches into the rehabilitation scenario challenges interdisciplinary teams. AIRS wants to facilitate this inclusion and help to advance standards in this direction.

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    Request more Info on Standardization Projects

    Ask for Details of Standardization Projects

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