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The Shenyang Children´s Hospital is implementing the KidsFirst Program of Cologne. Prof. Schönau and his team at Cologne University have developed a prize winning and outstanding standard for rehabilitation of children with rare neuro-degenerative diseases. And it works…

Implementation/KidsFirst On Your Feet - A new Standard

The basics for the KidsFirst Standard have been developed at Cologne University affiliated UniReha Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic under the lead of Professors Schoenau and Stark between 2006 and 2015. Since March 2016 AIRS experts and the Cologne team have cooperatively formulated this innovative method as a new pediatric rehabilitation standard. In December 2017 Shenyang Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital has signed a contract for the transfer of "KidsFirst On Your Feet" from Colgone Unireha to the  Shenyang Hospital in cooperation with AIRS Institute and Cologne University.

KidsFirst Program

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