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Standards, clinical pathways and medical guidelines are different and yet synergizing approaches and provide the basis for a comprehensive quality management system in medicine. They are often used jointly.

AIRS cooperates with an international network of experts in order to identify, refine and prepare international best-practice standards and implement them with interested parties when and where applicable in the global community .

Accordingly, AIRS does not formulate new standards from scratch, although we do identify and adapt innovative methods in rehabilitation, evaluating their efficacy and formulating them as standard for universal implementation.

Upon request AIRS offers certification services for successful implementation and issues relevant certificates, thus contributing to quality improvement in the field of rehabilitation.

Standards do not automatically improve the outcomes of treatment results, but they are required for installing and running quality management systems at rehabilitative and healthcare facilities. The goal is to improve the situation for patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Standards in Rehabilitation

There is recognition in the international expert community that standards in rehabilitation have a vast room to improve, especially but not limited to the following fields: cardiac, orthopedic, neurological, and metabolic rehabilitation programs.

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Standards for Healthy Living / Senior Urbanization

AIRS promotes professionalism and the development of emerging standards in the field of senior healthy-aging villages and urbanization. This is a rather new concept for the future living conditions of the aged and looks at preventive geriatrics from several perspectives. Gerontology offers many insights that can be applied to real-life situations.

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Standards in Prevention

Prevention became a major issue after 1986, when the WHO first publicized a definition of health – specifically, occupational health – for companies. Since then, as the pressure and burden of aging have increased in Western society, the focus has shifted and expanded to include preventive geriatrics.

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Standards in Psychosomatic and Holistic Medicine

The idea of combining TCM, alternative medicine and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is not new, but past attempts at merging these treatment concepts have failed due to USP protection, conflicting commercial interests and other factors.

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