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Standards in Rehabilitation

Standards in rehabilitation have been adopted in a variety of ways due to regulatory provisions and payor interests. Great efforts are being made to achieve fully functional standardization.

There is recognition in the international expert community that standards in rehabilitation have a vast room to improve, especially but not limited to the following fields: cardiac, orthopedic, neurological, and metabolic rehabilitation programs.

The reason is that

  • the awareness for the necessity of improved rehabilitation concepts is growing due to advancements in medical research on the subject and
  • the basic disease load is increasing due to aging and civilization stress.

The main difficulty in meeting the demands is, as in all countries, not that of purchasing the necessary equipment, it is inadequate knowledge transfer as far as concepts and standards-based clinical pathways are concerned. This issue needs to be addressed in a professional manner, and that is where international experience with best practices is required and welcome in order to keep pace with medical progress.

AIRS promotes and supports projects that propose to design, build and run complete rehabilitation centers. AIRS consults rehab-center startups and helps them design templates and networks in cooperation with certified providers of equipment, knowledge and training to develop package solutions.

AIRS identifies innovative methods in rehabilitation where these are developed by means of an expert vetting process. Subsequently it formulates such methods in an advanced standard, which can be adopted by interested parties in the international healthcare community.

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