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  • airsmatterhorn
    A Word from the Founder

    Dr. Thomas A. Pilscheur, Basel / Switzerland 

    The Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards, which is based on the study of health rehabilitation and medical training, does not recognize the reputation of health professionals and general public.

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  • fraufahrrad
    Mission Statement

    The speed of knowledge production in the field of globalized medicine and healthcare and the growing number of providers of standards far exceed the speed with which knowledge can propagate and be productized in a practical, applicable way.

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  • psychosmedimuseum
    A Modern Institute Concept

    The AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards was founded in January 2016 as a not-for-profit organization in Basel, Grellingerstr. 27, Switzerland. AIRS is becoming an important facilitator for advancing international standards in rehabilitation. On May 1st, 2017 the Institute received a Chinese Representative Office and Oral Psychosomatic Medicine Museum at Jacksonville Yuanxiang, Beijing.

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  • airsvisionii
    AIRS Vision

    AIRS is the leading partner in the field of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and preventive self-maintenance for the optimization of individual health and international standards.

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  • airsbackground

    The impairment factor of unmanaged stress on the immune system and overall health are well known to science, yet the systematic transfer and implementation of this knowledge for the benefit of health-seeking societies is insufficient – blocked by commercial interests or simply unknown to potential users.

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  • viaductteil

    AIRS will set up a web-based communication platform.

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