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The impairment factor of unmanaged stress on the immune system and overall health are well known to science, yet the systematic transfer and implementation of this knowledge for the benefit of health-seeking societies is insufficient – blocked by commercial interests or simply unknown to potential users.

AIRS facilitates and propagates health-optimizing knowledge based on science, evidence and standards. We do not promote or implement sectarian healing philosophies, fantasy-driven or self-promoting treatment concepts or quackery. Our concept is based on well-established principles and guidelines, and we favor the use of clinical pathways and quality-controlled systems.

The main driver and visionary who is leveraging Western and Eastern medicine in an evidence-based way is Liu Xiangyang, the founder of the Orenda Village and the Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine.

Mr. Liu developed and built the first healthy-living compound for about 3000 inhabitants in Yenqing, China, 110 km from Beijing. With its wonderfully clean and clear air, located on the shores of Beijing’s drinking-water reservoir and protected by hills that harbor ancient Taoist monasteries and early settlements, Orenda Village is a tribal story. The model is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the village in Yenqing is called Jackson Hole, City of Freedom.

The style of the houses is typically Western/rural American, and the pedestrian zone gives the feel of a Western city. Everything is constructed of the finest materials and to the highest standards of quality and is full of artistic elements – healing arts. The dream was to create a place for healthy living in a serviced and growing urban environment.

Elderly-care services, health-food restaurants and organic-food stores are standard features. A medical training therapy (MTT) center, tai chi, yoga, bike trails, TCM doctors and Western-style emergency services complete the integrative East-West approach. Creativity is boosted as a matter of principle.

Orenda is a prime object of study. Additional projects of this kind, such as the nearby Haituo Ski Resort, are already under way, and Western societies are desperately looking for better living conditions for the aged. Orenda Group China can offer them health.

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