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A Modern Institute Concept

The AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards was founded in January 2016 as a not-for-profit organization in Basel, Grellingerstr. 27, Switzerland. AIRS is becoming an important facilitator for advancing international standards in rehabilitation. On May 1st, 2017 the Institute received a Chinese Representative Office and Oral Psychosomatic Medicine Museum at Jacksonville Yuanxiang, Beijing.

As a first achievement, the innovative pediatric rehabilitation program "KidsFirst - On Your Feet" has been formulated as a new pediatric rehabilitation standard with Prof. Schönau and his team at the University of Cologne Affiliated Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic, UniReha.

Rehabilitation and beyond - prevention, healthy-living urbanization and optimization of individual health goals.

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The Orenda Psychosomatic Medicine Museum .

AIRS is confident that the benefits of being able to treat the health of the disease and the health of the elderly are being leveraged for the benefit of patients.

AIRS is calling on the advanced expert community, both in the field of medical rehabilitation. AIRS has participated in international scientific committee and started research projects in China and elsewhere, organizing workshops, conferences, summits, think tank retreats and summer schools.

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