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Mission Statement

The speed of knowledge production in the field of globalized medicine and healthcare and the growing number of providers of standards far exceed the speed with which knowledge can propagate and be productized in a practical, applicable way.

This means that institutes have to filter and select the essentials in order to transform the insights into practical guidelines and training in a dynamic way.

This includes in particular the approved benefits of rehabilitation concepts, TCM, psychosomatic medicine and preventive geriatrics for developing and optimizing healthy living conditions.

Frau Fahrrad

AIRS is creating a network to feed the spirit and mind in order to prepare them for interdisciplinary approaches to the creation of dynamic standards for healing-services providers. The Orenda concept in Yenqing serves as a best practices guideline to build success and promote further developments.

The Institute cares about the cutting-edge experience available within the current standardization industry and looks to formulate advanced standards for dynamic and innovative transfers to rehabilitation and healing-services providers.

AIRS adheres strictly to clinical proofs and the standards of ICF, KNFG and other established systems.

AIRS develops scientific, evidence-based concepts to draw up rehabilitative, therapeutic and preventive norms by refining and productizing relevant medical and behavioral knowledge towards a standard for tool sets and methodologies.

AIRS’s customers and contributors include standardization providers, quality management system providers, certifying organizations, QMS tool producers in the fields of IT and training, training and education providers, rehabilitation healthcare facilities, health communities, academia/research and healthy-aging village operators.

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