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AIRS Vision

AIRS is the leading partner in the field of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and preventive self-maintenance for the optimization of individual health and international standards.

AIRS Vision II

The nascent paradigm of emerging health providers as new business entity includes:

  • A holistic and psychosomatic approach to standards in healing
  • Urbanization designed for health achievement
  • Active self-maintenance and a supporting health-service portfolio
  • Proactive investment in personal health environments, including living environments
  • Preventive lifestyles and optimized urbanization
  • Leveraging and training the healing power and capacity of individuals
  • Health-oriented individual and family biographical design
  • Integrated full-service portfolios by new health-operational companies
  • Meeting health requirements from disease to happiness
  • Integration of locally available interventional emergency help to and including telemedical and mobile health support
  • Shaping the future of medicine

The AIRS vision includes facilitating the transition of traditional healthcare systems to healthy-living urban enviroments with state-of-the-art service portfolios for healing residents and keeping them healthy.

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