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AIRS Sports Injuries Rehabilitation Forum

Why Athletes Training Knowledge for Rehabilitation?

AIRS Sports Injuries Rehabilitation Forum
Acute and chronic problem management—Creating Athletes Strategies

Room 303 A

08:30 - 12:30 h Public Session
13:30 - 17:30 h On Invitation

What sports medicine in athletes training discovers is of great importance for muscular and motoric regeneration in all clinical settings! Sports Medicine has the highest challenge to find quick and sustainable solutions for any rehabilitation problem, since the pressure on the professional athlete is high to return to his training and competition as efficiently as possible.

The need to perform in time and with the most effective methods is imposed on trainers and doctors in the sports sector. It is simply amazing what can be achieved.

All sports doctors are doing fast track rehabilitation on an emergency - so to say. So their skills to diagnose in early stages of an sports injury to the motoric system and the firmness to make the right treatment decisions on the spot is trained in scientific labs, on the soccer field and in the sports clinics.

The regular motoric rehabilitation programs after joint surgery, fractures, muscle or tendon injuries can profit a lot of sports medicine approaches, since in this context the most modern and innovative technologies are tested firstly.

This is why this sub-forum is bringing this practical learning event with hands on experience and in-depth knowledge exchange to clients and the medical academia in China.

The magazine in Germany serves as such exchange platform -since many years.It is acknowledged as a reputable magazine, for the profesional further education. From doer to knower, from knower to doer.

We are happy to have pulled together a high levelled interdisciplinary team of experts from this area in Germany who are all interacting professionals - everyone in his specialty, but altogether for the famous sports clubs.

Among them are also experiecened users of modern rehabilitation technologies. We encourage the dialogue between medical experts and "experiencers". We think that learning is based on mutual understanding and different perspectives which can be shared.

This is why we have a special networking session in the afternoon on invitation. Everybody feel free to put any question - here and now...

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