Robert Erbeldinger


Publisher and owner thesportgroup Ltd. Editing the German " magazine" a unique platform for networking of sports doctors and scientists. Co-editor of the new Chinese quarterly edition.Former sports scientist and mental coach.

Robert Erbeldinger is a mutlifaceted entrepreneur, active in the whole international field of publication for sports medicine and beyond.

He scores a long list of experiences and achievements and is networking actively sportsmen/women and sports medicine doctors for publishing their international experience and featuring experts on events.

He is publishing successfully the German "Sportärzte-zeitung" which is a widespread magazine in Germany (Sports Medicine Newspaper). AIRS is publishing in cooperation with “the sportgroup“ the Chinese October 2018 edition which is already the third edition now.

Robert is the active doer and the well known networker in the German sports medicine and soccer club doctor scene. He integrates and pushes forward the same time. With this person the German sports medicine has the most valuable internal organization asset.

The Chinese edition, the magazine, has attracted substantial attention since its first launch during the AIRS conference in April 2018.

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