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Brain Snacks Broadcasting

We all suffer from information obesity, because we are fed all the time on many media channels with tons of "brain food".

AIRS is often asked: "What is standardization? And what do you understand by Quality Management?" 

Either we refer you to the general information on this website here. Or we force them to list in a 45 minute presentation. After all, it has not been "digest" it all and therefore not memorize - just too much "brain food" for a one-stop shopping.

The solution is to slice it down and create small "snacks"!

The "Brain Snack" format with "Brainy", our little helper, guides us through the modern jungle with excess supply of knowledge.

You are invited to watch the broadcast for free. Just click on the selected "Brain Snack". Bon Appetit!

* The videos from this page are in English version only and not accessible from countries with geoblocking. If you want to see the Chinese version please have a bit patience as we are uploading them as soon as possible to this page.


*Titles in blue are ready to see, titles in grey are coming later.

Brain Snack No. 1: The Standard  BS1 resized.JPG
Brain Snack No. 2: The Certification BS2 resized 
Brain Snack No. 3: Healthy Aging Village  BS3 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 4: The Feasibility Study  BS4 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 5: The Quality Management System  BS5 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 6: The Stress Reaction  BS6 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 7: Stress Management - Basics  BS7 resized
Brain Snack No.8: Brain Management under Stress  BS8 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 9: Stress Reduction Methods Using the Body System  BS9 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 10: Stress Reduction Methods Using the Emotional System BS10 resized.jpg 
Brain Snack No. 11: Stress Reduction Methods Using the Cognitive System  BS11 resized.jpg
Brain Snack No. 12: The Malediction of the Standard - A Critical Review BS12 resized.jpg 


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